This is a small selection of the dozens of photos, news paper clippings, photographs and story boards that were shown. They were previously displayed at the Duncan Pavilion as part of an afternoon tea with the Summer Programme. This time more people were able to enjoy this unique collection.

The Cliffs
Painting of the cliffs Castlecliff was named after by B. Sherriff, 1880. The cliffs no longer exist.
Plan of the original design for Castlecliff, date unknown. Note that several roads were never built. Others have since been renamed.
Stranding of the Port Bowen
View from Alwyn flats.
Port Bowen
A ramp was build up to the shipwreck to enable it to be dismantled. The ribs can still be seen at very low tide.
Another wreck
The wreck of the Pelotas in 1911 above and general 1920's beach scene below.
Miss Wanganui
Very popular yearly event held at Rangiora St. beachfront. Well known local identities used to run it.
River dredges
A number of different types of dredges used to remove silt build up from the harbour.
MV 'River City'
One of the best known ships that used to frequent the port.
Ships in port
Wanganui port in its heyday.
Aerial view of the port
Busy port in 1963.
Lynne also displayed some of her stunning photographs.
Shell craft
All made from shells collected at Castlecliff beach.

In the News

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